A game made in 4 hours, based on recent dreams and turmoil.

WASD to pan, mouse to trim.

Do you love plants?

Music is Aether by Three Chain Links

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsCozy, Dark Humor, Destruction, Experimental, Horror


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Got pretty hooked on this game now that I checked it out again. You can just turn off the sound and dedicate to your plant. 

Btw, 11 apples, try to beat that!


28 apple

the screaming has stopped a while in to the game is it a metaphor with coming to terms with the parts of life you have to let go?

anyways neat game i really like it 


tecincly plants can't see feel or tatase anything

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This game is a nice calming simulator. 

Would be much more fun if there was a pause button, but still great!

Edit; After more playing, I do wish it would grow without pruning


Took me a while to understand what the game is about (if I got it right, I mean), could have used a tutorial or at least some kind of explanation. Still, good game regardless. 


before i read the note about what this game was based on, i was like, "oh no how horrible!!" but actually im kinda obsessed with it now. trimming/changing yourself can be painful but it can also be the only way to grow sometimes!! Love it. Thank you for sharing!

my tree stopped growing what do i do?

nvm  i figured it out


cool game, it just needs to have leaves and it will be cool to have like a little bonsai



now that is epic


I got a straight line :D




I didn't expect screaming but that's not stopping my rampage

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Did i do it right?- 

I got 16 apples



i have 15


I played this a while back while I had my headphones in my phone. I didn't realize that the sound on my computer was on. 


why is the constant screaming a mood


I don't remember this having a comments section. Either way, here's a video I did ages ago!

A simple, yet fun and relaxing game about carefully tending to a plant. It's a good thing.

its dead inside