Updated for Solitary Depths compatibility

Just a quick modification to the Solo sheets - 72 is changed from "Unafraid" to "Defy" and the Orakle now simply states that 10 indicates that a random event occurs (and you would have to roll again to get your answer).

This is in accordance to the Solitary Depths oracle. If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend checking out Solitary Depths! It's a full solo supplement to Solitary Defilement and MORK BORG that I released recently. https://chaoclypse.itch.io/solitary-depths


MORK BORG Pocket Scvm.pdf 1 MB
Nov 22, 2022
MORK BORG Pocket Scvm - Solo.pdf 1 MB
Jan 05, 2023


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This is a must have for the excellent Solitary Depths. Great job!

Thank you!!